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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Thats too bad for you.......

How's the car - had a chance to take if for a spin?
Hahahahahaha..... I agree. "A face only a mother could love" (if that mother was a baboon, LOL).

I took it up to Regina to have the safety done, as all the local places were booking way into January. I could NOT get on it - temps were minus 3 to zero, but completely dry roads. It was 90-110kph the whole way... Z rated tires and freezing temps don't mix very well, unfortunately. I tried getting on it a few times, but even after "warming" the tires up, it was a no go.... so, I had tons of people blowing by me with their winter/all season rubber....

I will post up and update in the spring. Right now, it's up on the lift, after my 14 hour detailing session, and waiting semi-patiently for spring/summer.

Thanks for asking!

Originally Posted by 335icandy View Post
Np! Congrats on the beautiful purchase. This is one of my favourite cars! I will be purchasing one soon as well

Dare I ask the deal you got from Caliber? Would you mind pm'ing me? I'm really curious! If you don't mind, otherwise, it shall remain a secret
I was very happy with the deal. I MIGHT have been able to save a little by importing from the US, but I would have lost that and more, when it comes time to resell. The main thing was that Caliber were AWESOME to deal with. Serge was very, very prompt with information, replying to emails, and sorting out minor issues. I can't recommend them enough.
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