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I have just graduated from college and did my first interview about a month ago and got the job immediately... I was interviewed by 2 people... the first was from the UK, he just read my resume in front of me and asked me questions about my area of expertise. Obviously, since I am a fresh graduate he didn't expect much... The second person was a girl which made getting the job much easier.

I can tell you that a good confident smile (emphases on the confident smile and not the goofy smile) and a firm response will get you the job. Also a firm handshake is good. Take a few seconds to answer and don't hesitate. If you know the answer already don't act as if you're on jeopardy. And for God's sake don't nod or agree on everything. I felt more relaxed when she interviewed me. I think women love to see a man talk about a shared interest. DON'T STARE AT TITS... haha I did, lucky she didn't see me lol. and I know the comment on bananas was a joke but if you eat bananas you will not have explosive diarrhea when you're seconds away from walking into the building you are supposed to be interviewed in.

Also, the interview is not supposed to be one way... at the end, when she asks if you have any questions, ask some. like can i grow in this company? Will I be treated respectfully, make some shit up... doesn't have to be all about the paycheck but some questions that will make her as if she's being interviewed also. And don't agree on the paycheck or anything on the spot... tell her that you need a couple of days to think it through... hope it helps
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BMW have tapped into this by mirroring typical BMW dynamics and steering communication within the new UKL cars.
You mean massive body roll, a steering system that is not connected to the front wheels, and the engine note played through the speaker system?!?!?!?!