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Originally Posted by SimSimma View Post
So on the way to dropping my kids off at the daycare this morning I got pulled over by the police. I knew I didnt do anything illegal so I wasnt sure of the cause.

When the cop approached me he mentioned that I have an improper muffler on my car that's too loud. (I have an Active Autowerke's exhaust on my '08 M3). I asked him how he knew it was too loud. I asked if there was a sound level that my car had surpassed and if he had a decibel metre to in fact deem my car to be too loud. He responds by asking if I can hear any of the other cars passing by. I mention yes and he says that they're not as loud as me. I respond by asking how do you compare a V8 engine to a 4 cylinder car. He doesnt respond but asks me for my information.

After 10 minutes he returns with 2 for improper muffler ($110) and one for unnessary noise ($110). He tells me my options which are to "fix" my muffler and the tickets can be tossed or I can proceed to fight them in court which I plan on doing. He finishes by saying, and I quote "I know you have a nice car and like your nice car and I too have a nice sporty car that I like. I have a 1991 Camaro. But I dont need to hear your car. If I see you again I cant write you the same tickets but I will summons you to court where you can do jail time".

WTF!!! At this point I mention that I've lived in the area for over 7 years, have passed numerous police without issue and havent so much as received an infraction in my car of any kind. He says that I havent seen him before and that if he sees me again he will summons me to court.

The kicker is, that this same cop pulled my wife over in her Lexus IS250 for going through a stop sign less than a month ago (which she too is fighting) and he kept mentioning to her stuff about her "nice" car.

So, my question to you fellow M3 owners:

- Have any of you ever received such tickets for your aftermarket exhausts? If so, how did you handle it?
- Have any fellow Canadians (in the Toronto area especially) ever encountered such tickets?
- Should my wife and I file a formal complaint with his division for his behaviour and comments or will this open a can of worms with other cops coming down on us as they do tend to protect their own?

Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.

It's an old post I know. This cop sounds like a real Cowboy if you ask me. Back in Feb of 2009 I had a cop pull me over in his shit box Camery, yah that's right his family car. He proceeds to write me up for Careless Driving I'm like what did I do I was just driving home with my wife & daughter minding my own business.

This idot told me to get out of the car where he proceeds to theaten me with calling a marked car and having me taken in however since I was with my family he would show some mercy on me (gee thanks assshole).

In the end I hired X Coper and took this Cowboy to court and all charges were dropped. I guess so since I did nothing wrong. Cost me $$$ for the lawyer but saved my ass pionts and insurance increase.

Where in Toronto did you get nabbed? I was heading West bound on Kingston Rd near Bellamy when this happened to me.