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KW Sleeve Over Kit installed with max height

I got my Sleeve Over Kit installed today. Thanks to IND for getting them to me despite an earlier shipping delay. Here's a brief initial review. I'll follow up with a more in depth review once I get some real seat time and some track time on it.

Unlike a lot of other people, I got the KW Sleeve Over Kit because I DID NOT want to lower the car very much. Besides Dinan, which is grossly overpriced, all the kits lower about 1 inch. On stock shocks, that means you'll be riding the bump stops on track or any kind of performance driving. Eibach also doesn't go as low but still goes lower than Dinan. KW's adjustability means you can set it any way you want. In my case, that means not very low.

My setting for the KW is at the MAX ride height i.e. as high as it can go. The reason behind that is less wear on the stock shocks, better handling from the increased spring rates, no worries about hitting the bump stops and an overall better street ride for my daily driver. At max height, the lowering is about 0.5 inch. KW's kit also uses shorter bump stops so it does not decrease shock travel much at this height.

Ride impressions:

It is much smoother than the stock EDC suspension set up. At any dampening setting, the ride is smoother. I think this is due to the progressive nature of the spring as it sucks up small bumps with ease. But large/sharp bumps are noticably sharper and rougher on the KW. The stock springs are more linear so it feels more direct than the KW. The KWs feel planted but have a "smoothing" effect over small road irregularities. There is also a slight increase in road noise. This is most likely due to the replacement of some rubber spring isolators with the metal adjustable spring mounts. This is probably about the same as if you had a set of full coilover suspension. It isn't bad, but NVH is definitely increased. Overall the springs feel well matched with the stock shocks.

I can't say much about handling yet. Took some quick corners and it does feel like there is less body roll. I also changed the suspension settings so that may have an effect. Camber is maxed (stock adjustments, removed pins) in front at -1.4 degrees and rears at -2 degrees. Does anyone know the actual KW spring rates?

Here are the obligatory crappy mobile phone pics.
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