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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Well I don't know about that. I prefer cars with better MPG as DDs too, not because of the cost of gas but for fewer times to the gas pump and longer range. That said, none of my vehicles get great gas mileage.
Thank you for clarifying for the others on here. Some people seem to think because of other cars Ive owned, you must have 500hp+ to be happy. I dont compare or care what the guy at the light next to me is driving. Same reason I dont have the M version of the x5. I dont need the power. I hate the mentality of people on here that think you drive the car you can afford. Those types of people are ONLY driving the cars they can afford.

I actually came by the 335 on accident. Traded the M3's in because I wasnt driving them. Then came to miss the BMW. I had a sour taste for the M car. Too many trips to the damn gas station, short range on a 300+ mile trip, the DCT almost killed me a few times, and I prefer the runflats on the 335i. DONT FLAME ME. But they have saved my life from being stranded in BFE a few times. Last flat in the m3 I had it towed and messed up my whole day. This is just about using a 335 for a daily. I have too many cars that rattle my fillings out as it is. As far as the loss on what Ive spent, I dont even want to go there. It was foolish but like everyone here, I was obsessed with my M3.

I also own a Hyundai if it makes some of you feel better.

PS: 997GT3, I see you have a 2013 GT-R on its way? I have a 2010 with a few mods. If you have driven one, then between you and I, you'll understand when I say it makes a blown M3 still feel torque anemic. For the record my supercharged M3 made 480whp/310 ftlbs of torque and the GT-R I drove during the same period of ownership made 480whp/516ftlbs.
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