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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
He meant light room 4 beta, 3.7 is the most current version (that i know of anyhow with the exception of the beta)

a good starting point is actually here in these forums, check under snapshot of the day, there is a thread that's called "beginners crash course..."

in there you will find some books listed by forum members as well as some other info regarding the very things you are asking about.

otherwise, if you see people post pictures you like in picture of the day or other, don't be afraid to ask what settings people are using and what gear, we all like to help and learn ourselves.
ahh gotcha...the one i got the trial version DxO7 (free) hated it lol...

yeah i look at snap shot of the day all the time, ill have to check out the beginners crash course...ive been youtubing a lot with tutorials on there helps out a lot.
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