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I finally got around to adding resonators to my Top Speed x-pipe -- pictures attached. The guy I used for tig welding thought it was pretty nicely made. I had him add a small reinforcement at the center of the "x" like akropovic and also reinforce the two tabs in the two tabs that mount to the rubber isolators on the center brace.

The biggest improvement, and I would do this to any x-pipe regardless of manufacture, was to add four resonators like Dinan and Borla run. I cut the x-pipe, inserted them, tack welded them in place, and then had them tig welded. The result is just what I wanted in terms of sound -- not much louder than stock. I have to put some miles on it but so far, I really like it and have not yet detected any drone.

Cost was $475 for the x-pipe, $80 for two longer body Top Speed resonators, $104 for two short body Vibrant resonators, and $150 for the tig welding. About $800 total. Plus a day of my time to fit, cut, test fit, tack weld, take to the welder, and refit.

I will try it for a while. If the gas smell gets to me, I will add a pair of high flow cats. 100 CPI or 200 CPI or maybe even 300 CPI. They cost $80 to $125 each, so that will add $160 to $250, plus $75 for welding.

Right now, I am using a pair of Vibrant right angle 02 extenders with restrictor fittings with the rear 02s. These cost about $35 each. I have an Akra Delete-R, but want to see how long it takes for the CEL to come on with the Vibrant fittings before I install that. While running the resonatorless, catless x-pipe with no such fittings, it took somewhere around 80 miles to trigger the CEL. There are three restrictor fitting options and I am trying the middle one.

I had looked for a used x-pipe with resonators but none were available when I was looking. Then, after I bought this one, a good deal came along on one but I was already committed. For most people, buying a used x-pipe is the way to go. For those who want 4 resonators, there is only Borla and Dinan. Many people would be happy with just 2 resonators.

No dyno, but I will get one eventually. Also have a pulley and drop in filter. A tune is on the list, but I have to decide about catless or high flow cats first.
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