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I've never had an issue with BMW Store. When I bought my car October 2010 I just had 3 dealers quote me on approximate pricing and I mentioned to all of them that lowest initital price quote will get my money.

My SA at BMW Store had the best price. When I came in to buy he lowered the price even more by $2k. He needed 3 days to prep the car, so while I was waiting he lent me an X3 which I used for a week.

The business office person was annoying though as he prolonged the process and did not make me feel good whenever I declined an optional product.

I've not had my car serviced at BMW Store, but I did come in yesterday just to get my washer fluid refilled. They took my keys, showed me the lounge and I ate the free food and cafe mocha there. In a couple minutes service tech found me, gave me the keys and drove off, no charge! BJ wanted to charge me $5 for washer fluid. Which is no big deal, but the fact that BMW Store treated me well just for a washer fluild top up was awesome. And they didn't charge me for it.

I do get my car serviced at Brian Jessell, only because it's closer to where I live. Never had an issue, except they replaced my BMW Store license plate with a Brian Jessell one. BJ should be paying me for advertising for them. They do give you a courtesy car for free, but it's usually a 323i sedan, which I hate.

I think customer satisfaction has nothing to do with entire organizations. It has everything to do with the individual people you are dealing with.