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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Who would argue against your basic statement that leaving it stock would ensure longevity over heavily modified?

Based on what we currently know, I stated a FI failure is unlikely as long as you are adhering to the specifics I listed, it wasn't about longevity, how long are we talking here? ESS has had kits with 50 to near 100K miles no failures, sold 350 to date with no failures, does that kind of info register with you, or were you not aware of it?
Coming from another boosted car which was modded.. its a far cry taking an existing boosted platform and tweaking opposed to taking an N/A application and boosting it from scratch

The stats for the number of SCs and engine failures or lack thereof, while interesting doesnt tell ANYTHING about whats going on inside these motors.

Until someone takes a factory N/A motor w/ X miles and a SC engine with equal mileage, opens them up and puts them side by side you will never truly no what boosting these engines really does to it.

As far as being able to just look and see..oh so and so engine component "looks" strong therefore its ok to boost..well..that is hubris..without real world empirical data, testing and tear-down inspection...its all speculation.