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Let's talk or read about this sometimes forgotten Subject of Maintenance

Most of us are fascinated with our car and the Honeymoon might last quite a while for most of us. Then there is the so important aspect of maintenance on our high end cars. There are a few of us that never ever read the manual. Some of the posts I've read suggest that the individual does not know where the manual is.

Yes I know, our cars have the so called No Charge Scheduled Maintenance 4 Years or 80,000 KM (50,000 Miles). We all know that we paid for this up front when we purchased the car. So we need to make sure that we do in fact get what we paid for in the first place.

There is of course the exception to this, there are people were this is of no concern to them since they change car(s) before the warranty expires. And that is perfectly okay, except the lack of maintenance will in the end impact on the sales value of the car or trade in value.

My note here is for people that do care about there car and once they sell it know it has been well taken care of for the next owner. So I am sure we can all agree that reading the maintenance section of our manual and or some of the file I've attached below will benefit us all. Many questions that people seam to ask in this forum can be found in the attached link. So I find it is of value I like to share this with this fine Forum Community right here.

This first link takes you to the BMW web site where among other things you can find the BMW Service and Warranty Books for your car. Simply enter your cars birthday (year), Series and Model you then be taken to the Maintenance Section PDF file for your car (many more subject are provided in this valuable link).

To open this PDF file ===> CLICK Here

Should you plan to keep your car for a longer period then 4 years then there are more detailed documents regarding maintenance on the internet. One of the good ones I've found (also a PDF file) is by Mr. Mike Miller. I cannot post a link to his file since it is Copyright 2010 and he requests not to post it on the Internet since it is also being updated from time to time. You can Google to find it or PM me and I can provide a copy to you for your use only.

Happy reading on some snowy or rainy afternoon

It is important, when you think about it right after our house the car or even cars are the next most expensive investment we ever make.

Cheers, Rolf-Dieter
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

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