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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post

Beautiful install job

1) did you ever consider the kaigoss mod? It seems to be a more "pure" way of getting ms-8 to hit its target curve
No need, this way works quite well for me.

2) is there an aftermarket driver that you feel is on par with the eps drivers. Just for reference, comparison sake

Hope to hear your car some day,
The only 4" components that I have heard that are really lacking in audio quality are the OEM HiFi components, and 90% of the problem are the OEM tweeters. These are the only components that I know that by replacing them the OEM amp sounds much better.

Other than those, any Rainbow, Morel or DLS component sets sound as good as the Individual Audio to me. They are, after all 4" components playing above 200Hz. You cannot ask too much from any of them other than a great tweeter/crossover network.