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There are more designs on the kickstarter page. My HD over heated and last night so it's in the freezer now. I was a dumbass and didn't back anything up so hopefully I can recover the data. Then I'll begin new designs.

I've been sitting on this one for awhile, not sure if I like it. It's definitely not finished.

If this kickstarter succeeds I'll do a little bimmer run with the same high quality American Apparel and water discharge printing, but it will only be available to y'all and I was thinking closer to $15. Haven't come up with anything on paper yet, but I've got a few in my head I've been toying with. I want it to be non model specific but capture the heritage and essence of BMW, as we see it. So I'll make another thread about that in the future.

Also, if you don't want a shirt but want to help a bimmer nut out, any pledge helps even $1. Kickstarter ranks my projects popularity off it's backers not pledge amounts so the more I get the quicker I'm featured on the main page.

One more thing, I put 25 shirts up for just $20, first come first serve. You don't get any stickers or whatnot, just a hell of a good deal.
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.