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Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Thanks fellas!!

Suspension is KW V3. Love them. Stock-like ride but much lower!

I thought about doing the mirrors in red to complete the look but it proved to be a pain to find vinyl that matches. Nobody has red vinyl in stock (would rather wrap them than paint them) and the red wheels might not stay on the car too long anyways.

mlee4984> I remember you from M3forum as well! As far as tracking goes, I can't make a fair comparaison just yet since my E46 was all setup (camber/corner balance/bbk etc) and the E90 is not even aligned and stock brakes can't compare but I will say that the E90 is a much much nicer daily driver. I'll have the E90 setup soon so I will report back then!
One of your pics it looks like you had some serious roll to one side. How fast do you think you were going? Just curious. Didn't realize co's rolled that deep.