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there is reasons why bmw store sells car 1/4 of Brian Jessel bmw do.
When I went there to shop for 335, I saw couple I liked *CPO. I told one of the sa, I would put non-refundable $2000 cash deposit if you could give me $2500 discount, he said "no go to brian jessel bmw" lol. I simply walked out and headed to brian jessel and bought one. He wouldn't even try to deal with me, is $2500 for used car too much to deal?
I was like "okay bye good luck selling a car with the attitude." not to mention, they don't even have enough cars to give out as a courtesy cars for servicing appointment.
@ brian jessel, if you are serious a buyer or a previous buyer, they give you a full day rent. I was happy with the car so I bought my car from them.