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I doubt that BMW can't keep up with orders. with the production numbers of the M3 and the cost of the engine (approximately $25000) it is probably not an engine that would be kept in stock!

Actually, the lack of stock may be an indication that few failures are happening. I know that our warehouse at work only stocks parts that are used regularly. Parts that are rarely used are special ordered and not stocked.

My brother works in our supply chain division and he says that the main goal of the warehouse is to stock as low of a dollar amount of parts as possible while meeting demand and that all of our warehouses have a max dollar amount that they are supposed to not exceed. Since the S65 is so expensive, stocking any amount of those at a BMW warehouse would displace lots of commonly used items oil filters, wiper blades, fasteners, etc.

Were not really dealing with a $2000 small block chevy here.

To the OP, think about how many engine failures that have been posted on here compared to the amount of people that have had no trouble. I'd say the ratio is pretty good. Also, as for the clicking noise, no one seems to have a definitive answer to what it is. Some people have had new crankshafts and bearing installed and the noise comes back. Other people have kept on driving their cars and the noise either subsides or don't get ever get any worse.
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