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Originally Posted by persian54
maybe cause I have a vert, but no one tries to race me lol
I have a vert too - a few weeks ago was the first time a G coupe tried to race me - A G37s to be precise - I'm at a light in the right lane - G37S pulls up in left lane next to me - light turns green...

I give it medium amount if gas - G37 totally floors it - and gee whiz - I can't help myself - I floor it in first - shift to second and then third at redline - crushed him (even with 450 extra pounds that vert has)...

These guys must not know cars very well - because if they did (and assuming their cars aren't modded) they would know that even an E93 has a better horsepower to weight ratio than thei cars (unless they knew they weren't as fast and just wanted to see how they would do)...

Anyway - at the next light - the G37S accelerated nice and slow... Lol!!!