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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
That always made me wonder.. Why would anyone buy the G versions while the 350/370Z 's are more of a sports car and cheaper.

In any case, I didn't like the 350Z much (we used to own one). The engine was too rough.
G37 has rear seats
350/370z noise level is pretty rough, G37 addresses that
G37 more usable trunk

The G37 is a good value and was on my radar when I was shopping around for a car. I think it's a good looking car and with tasteful aftermarket parts they can look really good.

I have never run into a G37 douche, Mustang guys have been the one's looking for a run.

I also don't think it's fair to compare a G37 with an M3. Prolly closer to a 335.
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