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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
91 is sufficient. 91 is all the California ppl get anyways. Given the choice I woudl still get 93.

As regards to brand, this is something that I feel is important. Any brand named gasoline could be used. The key thing is those big named brands put in additional additives that clean your injectors, and your engine. So yes use them. BP, Shell, Chevron, Texaco to name a few all have those in their premium 91+ gas. You can identify them as they will brand them:

Shell: V-Power
BP: Invigorate

99.9% of people agree with this. Now what people don't agree on is which is better. I'm think theses top tier brands are all the same. What most ppl don't agree on, but what I do is consistently use the same brand gas for the life fo the car, for me 93 Shell V-Power. If I can't get it on my road trips, I'll get BP 93
I work at a gas station and by law gasoline is required to have these "additives" that will clean injectors, engine, etc... Yes, BP, Shell, Chevron, and Texaco may advertise that they have this or that which means that they probably added more of the additives that were already there. It's like this... everyone needs a certain daily dose of calcium but adding more calcium pills sometimes doesn't really do anything. We urinate most of the excess calcium from our body. So having these extra additives aren't really essential. It's all marketing. All I'm saying is that you can go to any gas station (branded or unbranded) and your engine and injectors and whatever will still be cleaned.
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