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Originally Posted by esk8mw View Post
I'm new to my m3 search so apologies in advance if these are stupid questions:

1. I found a 2008 E90 DCT at a non-BMW dealer (trade-in, non-CPO) with just 9000 miles and a price of $42k. The car is lightly optioned (just cold weather pkg and aluminum trim) but that doesn't bother me too much. The carfax is clean, 1 owner, but there's a quirk - the in-service date is 12/2009. Any idea why this could be? I find it hard to believe that a 2008 sat on a lot for this long without being bought. I see the benefit of having basically 2 years/41k miles left on the factory warranty but the dealer did not know why the in-service date was so late. Anything I should be looking out for?

2. Right now the market is flooded with 2008s (I'm guessing because they are coming off leases) but I'd like to get an updated 2009 model. When will the 2009s begin flooding the market and begin drifting towards the current 2008 prices? I'm not in a big rush to buy but was wondering if this would begin happening by Spring, Summer, Fall, etc? I also wouldn't want to buy a 2008 now only to find out that I could have had a substantially similar 2009 for the same price in 2-3 months or whatever.

Thanks for any help.
1. yes very wierd. I woudl inquire about what the hell happened. Either it was gross neglience or mistakenly not recored it's 1200 break in service. One thing to keep in mind 2008 DCT E90s were produced in late 2008. it's conceivable this car did not get it's first service until 2009, given it's extreme low miles. What was the mileage on the 12/2009 service?

I bought something very similar. In 6/2010, I bought a 2008 E90 with only 8200 miles. It had it's 1200 service properly done, but it missed it's first annual oil change (around 5/2009), and was driven only about 6k miles until 3/2009 where it sat in a garage. The car then got it's oil changed on 6/2010 when i picked it up.

2. I feel like you can get a non-CPO 2009 E90 with around 15k miles with most options in the $47k range now. Be patient and counter offer this range.