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Originally Posted by mrad01 View Post
It is a weird one. Before the engine was replaced in my car by BMW, they tried:

- VANOS check valve replacement
- All tensioners and belts on the front of the engine
- Cam chain and tensioners
- Bottom end bearings and crankshaft
- Front exhaust section

None worked. That was my car in particular of course - so it doesn't mean some of these ideas won't fix another.

Each time the foreman went through their next course of action with me, it sounded completely right and feasible - but never worked.

I hope they learnt was the issue was from taking apart my old engine and have formulated a plan to rid the noise in other cars in the future (should it show)
I wish that was true, but sadly, I don't think it is. The are doing the tensioners on mine as we speak. Thanks for your posts BTW! The worst thing about forums is that people don't report back with the solution and/or additional details.