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Originally Posted by drewh130 View Post
almost as classy as telling students that if they dont make 1 million dollars investing by the time theyre out of college then investment banks wont be interesting in them

not everyone has a large chunk of money to play with when theyre in college. reality check man
If you did manage to actually read my posts, I said if they wanted a career reaching high-up in the corporate, real-world experience is much more valid than high GPA (as they were frustrating about earlier on in the thread). I've also said in those posts that these were just my opinions. And yes, I believe your point was already taken up by another poster, so tell me why is that you're reviving this issue again?

To attack me? Do you not like me? I don't really care, tbh. How about you keep doing what you're doing, and I'll keep doing what you're not doing. Seems to be working just fine for me. Stay Classy. Back-off with the personal attacks that were uncalled for, okay? Because, truth is, you have no idea how I started up.