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Originally Posted by Steved View Post
The Z4MC has the same front suspension as the E46 M3 CSL, not the E36 M3. In fact the Z4M is basically a E46 M3 on a shorter wheelbase.
DO you mean the Z4MC has same strut/spring/swaybar as the E46M3 CSL?

My understanding is all 3 series from E36 and E46 has same front arm suspension set up consisting of the lower control arm (or C arm you might call it) and tie rod wiht variance on the bushings (offset or in the middle). Starting from the E90/E92, the 3 series have the same front arm suspension set up from the 5 series.

I am not referring to the strut/spring set up.

Iam open for correction for any inaccuracy here.