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I forgot to mention CanadianStig, that I only drive about 10000 km a year. So for me that would be about a year between oil changes. This schedule is not uncommon for cars with synthetic. Heck, my mom's Acura was about 12,000 km for it's first service post break-in service. I think the service light will come on sooner for you if u are doing more miles. Cold starts, short trips and high rpm track driving are accounted for I believe and that would trigger a sooner service too. The auto systems seemed to have worked well over the years so I trust it. You gotta figure too that they would want you go more frequently. But if the sensors say hat oil is good, it's kind of a waste of perfectly good oil. I've kept two cars now for about 9-10 years each and both seemed fine just following the manufacturer guidelines and ran perfectly. Granted they weren't super high output engines like this car.