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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
So you don't subscribe to the notion that redlining a brand new car is harmful? If you're taking a car with mileage in the single digits and redlining it, you have rocks in your head. It's one thing if they have demo cars with 1,000+ miles on the clock, but if they have a car with the plastic still on it and you're redlining the shit out of it, you're grossly negligent and so is the dealer for allowing you to do so.
Hope you're not serious?

You're naive if you think that new car's don't get beat on. Porters, sales people, customers, detailers, etc all drive the shit out of new cars. Reason? Because they can. If you're worried about breaking in your car, order it and don't let anyone drive it besides the transport guy and your sales guy.