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Originally Posted by Steved View Post
The Z4MC has the same front suspension as the E46 M3 CSL, not the E36 M3. In fact the Z4M is basically a E46 M3 on a shorter wheelbase.
that's what i've been finding in my research too, but if somebody could point out where it's been said differently i'm more than interested. the non-m z4 models do have similar suspension to the z3, but the Ms are being quoted as being "identical in many respects to the chassis and suspension of the BMW M3"

that's also not mentioning that the z4 m coupe outperforms the e46 M3 on the track with ease as documented in multiple reviews i just read through. i would hope we can all agree that the e46 M3 outperforms the 335 on a track.

i just don't see how the 335 would perform better than the m coupe...and if it does, why race teams aren't using it instead of the m coupe