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How far can our timing curve advance?

With how long this car has been out and how many tuners have worked extensively with this car, I am surprised to see that nobody has seemed to test what the "ideal" octane is for our cars in a somewhat controlled fashion. I know I have read speculation that our cars are capable of advancing timing to the point where 95-96 octane is needed but is there any evidence of some type of data log where the timing advance levels off? Would be nice to know.

I started using torco because I was sick of 91 octane and not making the full power this car is capable of. i am willing to change my spark plugs every 10k since they get orange deposits if it means I get the full 414 hp this engine is meant to produce. I am just surprised there is no data where the timing curve maxes out and approximatly what octane is needed to run that timing advance consistently given controlled conditions.

My best guess from random searches is 96 octane is the number where anymore does not seem to make a big difference.

I know from my "butt" dyno, going from 91 to 99 octane (which is what it is with torco), the power is unreal and unbelievably stronger, so clearly timing advances well past what 91 is able to deliver.

Any thoughts?