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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Years ago my dad sent me and mom to buy a car just before new years. He'd been haggling with them for weeks and then went home to see his dad. We drove my 70 Cougar up over the hill at 90+ and dropped it for them to assess. They told me it wouldn't start. Mom looked at them and said "My knuckles are still white from the ride over here" She drove the new car home, and I got to keep my Cougar for a few more weeks.

Went with wife to drive some luxury sedan. We were considering it, and asked basic details on how much to PURCHASE the vehicle. Saleman and his upper told me they would only LEASE it and I said no way. THEY walked away from us, and we went and bought a BMW.
What car did you test drive that was a "lease only?"
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