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As far as DDing goes the M3 is much, much more comfortable and easier to drive. I have never been in a SC M3 so I couldn't tell you about the power but the GTR is insanely fast. There have been numerous threads on that so no need to get into. The seats in the GTR are for skinny folks, the bolters are very tight and there is limited adjustments that you can make to the seats. Luckily I am skinny so that isn't a problem for me. The M3 seats are excellent. The GTR beats the hell out of you on rough roads, the runflats that they come with are loud and hard and the steering takes some getting used to. Also, the GTR is a bigger car which does take some getting used to. The sound system in the M3 is also much better than the Bose system in the Nissan. I daily drive a GTI and not the GTR for the above reasons, as well as, I don't care what happens to the GTI and the GTR does attract lots of attention. Nothing worse than seeing a bunch of dudes circle jerking around your car!! I picked up the GTR to take to the track so I can live with its harshness, but as far as a daily I would keep the M3 and if need be SC it. I would skip on the Porsche simply because it is not practical, especially if you like to golf, you would always have to hitch a ride or drive separately. This is not a GTR vs. M3 arguement, just my impressions since I have owned both.