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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
Vancouver M3, I know I can probably get it a bit cheaper from the US, but after import duties and shipping fees and the like, the savings will not be that much. Maybe 3k or so, not to mention the hassle of going through all the procedure of importing, and in addition buying a car that I haven't even seen except in a few pics which are possibly photoshopped and edited.

I think most people forget to add, at least in Ontario, the extra 19.5% in duties in taxes, plus additional registration and paperwork fees, to the cost of the car.

IMO, that combined with the additional headache, tends to make the price differential negligible.

Throw in the resale value issue and I find it hard to justify importing - but I know others feel differently, just my two cents.

I think patience is key. Wait for the right car, trust me it will show up.