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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Comparing the E92 M3 to the 335i, just on the chassis side, we will get:
-much faster/better steering, feel and performance
-less unsprung weight due to an almost full aluminum suspension
-better brakes and brake cooling
-stiffer springs, more performance damping (+EDC as an option)
-stiffer chassis overall
-much higher performance tires

Not even mentioning the engine, these things alone will offer a huge lap time benefit for the M3 vs. the 335i's already impressive time/chassis. The 335i is a fantastic starting point for the M3!
you would think that those things would contribute to it having a better laptime, but for some reason this magazine rated the z4 m coupe as being slower than the 335 when the z4mcoupe definitely has all those advantages over the 335. makes me pretty skeptical of the magazine's testing. don't get me wrong, the 335 is a great car - i just have a hard time believing some of those results.