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Originally Posted by Vanity
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I'd be shocked if you had connection problems at that point... you either sold the company to someone at that point or you have venture capitalists lining up at your door when they see your success.

As far as the second paragraph, all true except IMHO; there are much better uses of your talents, time and resources at that point that working for a large financial services company.
To be honest, I could never see myself working undersomeone, cause there's always someone to talk to. I just want to make enough and leave it in the bank and go travelling for the rest of my life. I got one life, and I don't really care for seeing the innards of GS's concrete and glass castle for it's eternity. The world is a much better view

Maybe on a ship... on the Riveria.... daydreams
UofA or UofT, it has to be one lol and I'm almost 100% sure it's not the Frenchy one lol.