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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
Hi Guys,

as a competitor to Active I hope my view will be taken seriously. It's not in my interest to help anyone out but in life you have to be fair and speak out.

I feel very bad for the OP and his issues but really AA should not be blanket accused like this without proof of their hardware/software actually causing any issue.
Why do I say this? Well my reasons are based on experience of the S65 engine as follows:

We have seen 5 cars here ourselves blow out Cyl no 5 in the exact same way as this case.
Most cars were stock and blew at medium load around mid rpm's under normal driving.

On the 2 cars that were out of warranty we decided to check by bore scoping and found pistons to be heavily damaged, spark plugs damaged and pieces of valve moving around inside or make their way into the stock CAT's.

We know our local dealers here know of even more but won't talk too much about it. So there are more than just the ones we have seen.

Even on the cars out of warranty BMW UK replaced the engines without question! They did try to charge labour on these cars but even then the owners gave a small fight and they gave in. What does this tell you?

To reiterate -- all cars had cyl no 5 blow out.

This is in our opinion a problem with the cyl head in the cyl 5 area on some cars. Not cam timing based either as if it was then you would have other pistons damaged too.

While I was in Dubai last month I saw another car blow Cyl no 5 and that's again running stock tune.

I know for a FACT that other tuners know about some cars blowing Cyl 5 and it surprises me they don't post about it when something bad happens to a tuner.

The question as to if Active gave good customer service or not if a different issue. They did pay something which in our book does go a long way.

They have plenty of supercharged cars around the world and not one has failed like this.

We should be very very careful about pointing fingers at a company.

This failure of cyl 5, in my professional opinion, has nothing to do with the AA supercharger kit being fitted.

I hope this information is useful to everyone and I hope everyone appreciates the fact that it is NOT in 'business interest' to defend the competition.
I agree but an engine failure under light load doesn't necessarily mean that's when the problem started. The internals could've been weaken from previous runs from previous days or even months.

Usually after a sc'ed s65 failure all the tuners talk about the s65 weaknesses even stock.
when they're installing those sc kits do they have those concerns in mind?