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With all due respect to all forum members who have voiced their opinions on this matter, I appreciate it. I feel that if I created a kit with extensive R&D, offered at such a cost, I myself would own up to a mishap like this. I am curious to know if there are ANY other e9x M3 owners that have had the AA kit installed and failed. It's not like I had the kit on the car for 2+ years and it started wearing out over time. It's the fact that it just gave up completely at 1,200 miles. The fact that the bearings on the rods were fine indicates to me no lubrication issue on bottom end causing possible rod knock.

Our car dyno'd much lower than what their claims were as well. I have been wrapping my head around what caused this for 16 months now. I keep reverting back to the thought of the tune being off enough to let go in such short time. Let's say it wasn't the tune per say, the kit was 100% unaltered from what they installed at their shop. Was it driven aggressively? Yes. But that's what you have extensive R&D on such a kit so to test in all formats and scenarios. I know how to drive a car, I'm not new to driving high performance cars, both on street and track.

Did I understand that there is risk by modifying my car? Yes. There is always a risk. The question lies in, is their product really going to run safely on these motors? If they were so quick to try and cover this one incident up and suggest something underhanded like this, it beckons the question of is mine the only one that has failed from AA? Have they covered up others before it has leaked on to the web?

If I made a product that caused another component on the vehicle to fail due to it being directly related to my product, would I modify it to prevent these types of mishaps? Yes. Would I come out of pocket to fix things for customer? Yes. Maybe it is just me, but I was raised to do right by other people even if it calls for personal sacrifice.

As stated before, I have an extensive background in the automotive field, especially in BMW. I am a shop owner and if me just saying I would have handled things differently if it were my kit isn't enough, I encourage you to please see the type of operation I run, where clearly we take care of our customers and they share their positive responses in abundance

Do I expect everyone to do business as I do? No. Would it be nice? Yes.

This post was made to share my experience, and show exactly how I was treated. Others will have had great customer service with AA, as I'm sure some will have not.

I really am not 100% sure what is going on over there, but I have always dealt with their 2 stellar customer service guys in the past. They were able to at least make me feel that Active gave a damn about their customers. These 2 guys left Active, and I doubt it was because their bosses were treating them fairly. The people in charge over there have terrible customer service in my experiences. I have brought them 10's of thousands of dollars in business over the past few years, yet they act as though that doesn't matter.

If there are questions I didn't answer please let me know. Thank you all again and have a great day!

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