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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
When removing EPS speakers I've noticed the build quality was very good, and the passive crossover is a real 2W 12dB/octave passive crossover. I personally wouldn't bet on them sounding the way I'd like without DSP of some sort - the MS-8 or something else - but I certainly believe they'd sound great with better amplification and tuned signal.

Glad you like the sub! And congratulations on getting so much done on the new car.
I would say that the EPS speakers and the SSMB8, when powered by the new HiFi OEM amp, sound much better than the OEM HiFi speakers. I was running that combo for about a week before installing the rest of the equipment and it was decently enjoyable.

I guess that anything will sound better than the OEM HIFi speakers, everything else being the same.