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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Sorry to hear this OP.
Wondering why AA didn't delete the top speed reading?

And in before the thread DELETE.
The top speed reading is not stored in eraseable memory. It is a permanent entry...... only a select few would have the ability and equipment to even read most of the info stored in the EDR!

Originally Posted by zamm3k View Post
I don't think the OP was expecting to get a whole new engine (or maybe he was). But under the circumstances (the engine blew after 1200 miles) I think he was expecting a bit more from AA, which is honestly, totally reasonable. It's one thing to blow an engine after 10,000 miles of driving a supercharged S65, it's another to blow it before you've even broken in the supercharger system. All in all, technically, AA didn't do anything wrong. Morally and ethically, they F'ed Up.
I totally agree with what you are saying, but most people have to realize that with a lot of companies, support ends once the check clears!

As for the OP expecting a whole new engine, if he wanted his car fixed, that is all he could expect. Once the block has a rod put through the side it is only good for scrap metal. He would need a long block at the very least and most likely one head as well. At that point it would be just as well to get a complete engine.

I think it is quite clear that with terms and conditions boldly posted on their site, they have had issues like this in the past and they decided to make the disclaimer easy to see and in black and white!

Personally I think it is silly for anyone to modify a car and expect someone to hold your hand if it breaks....... When picking parts people need to learn to do research, ask questions, and not just go with the first company that call!
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