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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
Well, someone else actually just PM'd me asking the same question, lol. I actually post frequently in the Stock Market thread we have on here, if you ever want to come in and read up about our opinions and everything, doomsday scenarios and why the world isn't as good as it once way, you know that kind of stuff,


Think about the credentials of Candidates who have career's in this company. Now imagine what kind of credentials and accomplishments of those in Goldman Sachs, cause I guarantee you Goldman Sachs rules the world.
hope its not a repost:

BTW why else would GS get paid 100 cents on the dollar when AIG went bust, where banks like Lehman brothers went down the drain and didnt get a penny. Also, kind of funny how the past two CEOs of GS went straight to the white house after their careers at GS, funny how that works our right? i think not.

Originally Posted by Letsrunem8 View Post
Yeah I lurk that post here n there, but don't understand half the stuff you guys say lol...Guess ill stick to my finance courses
All those courses will not get you anywhere, but they will however build you a solid foundation for everything else youll learn. Honestly if you want to learn turn on the news, start reading the news paper, do some research on your own etc.. thats how I learned what I know. See what interests you in the market at pursue that

Originally Posted by Letsrunem8 View Post
I'll do that, and I will join you guys soon in discussion!
after you do what i stated above, i look forward to your future insight to the stock market thread, the more people the better
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