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Originally Posted by Vancouver_M3 View Post
Yeah. Like I said the price difference is marginal between this car's price and a US one. Though I found at least one that's cheaper and had DCT and Navi in the same color with similar miles. If you buy from a brand name dealer and not a used car lot, the chances you'll get a quality used car is much higher. Ultimately if you want to do the work you can find a better deal in the states. If you want to do the work that is.

As for the M button, it is just a preset for all the parameters that you mentioned. This is saved so that u can use them at a moments notice by hitting the M button. This is different and separate from the car's default start up state. Using iDrive I can easily set both but i believe u can set it via the control stalks also. Just more cumbersome to do so.
So basically you don't really gain any more adjustability from idrive or m button, correct? It's just easier and more convenient to adjust the parameters, that's it. But that relates to my question. Does the car remember the set up and go into it automatically by itself, or does it default to a preprogrammed set up when restarting the car? If it does default to its own set up then I can see the benefit of idrive and the m button. If it does remember its latest set up, then the idrive and m button are just a marketing gimmick. You just program your preferred set up once and leave it at that.