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Originally Posted by Letsrunem8 View Post
So I'm figuring you didnt go to college, independently reading and learning on your own is what you did? I dont see how all this info can be found in textbooks though.
but damn props to you lol
No, No. I did go to college. I got admissions into a University ranked in the top 20's across the world. I entered undergrad in the Faculty of Science thinking Medicine was what I wanted to do. Then found that dream wasn't for me and quit half-way through my BSc degree and transferred into English Honours in the Faculty of Arts, thinking Law School had to be the choice for me since being a Doctor didn't work out. First World Problems. After trying that for a while and, not liking the Faculty of Arts, I started fresh into Commerce in the Faculty of Business.

I've been everywhere... No degree though, yet. That degree will be finished, though. Sometime.