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Originally Posted by Hisam135i View Post
What's wrong with shorting for the stars this is all theoretical anyway isn't it and really I won't have any problems with connections If I become a millionaire of a website I make alone in a basement?

Anyway as vanity said, once you enter a firm like that with millions clearly your not a beginner and do not need to clime the ladder up from the very bottom since you already earned your stripes on your own. You would enter at a managerial position not an analyst that's someones b*tch but yes I agree you could make money on your own at that point. Personally i would still work at a firm because, as my dad taught me, there is no shame and work and the experience you get as an investment banker at one of theses firms is second to none. Aka I would work at any of these firms because I love the field not for the money, that's just a perk with the job
I'd be shocked if you had connection problems at that point... you either sold the company to someone at that point or you have venture capitalists lining up at your door when they see your success.

As far as the second paragraph, all true except IMHO; there are much better uses of your talents, time and resources at that point that working for a large financial services company.

As I've said anything is possible but these exceptions are few-
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