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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
Billionaire? There is only 400 or so in the world...

I think you need to get out of the clouds and be a little more realistic. If you are a millionaire in college that is self made; you will never have issues with connects or frankly issues with anything (at that point you can be employing people if you play your cards right and have a proper mindset and as long as you are not an idiot). The last thing that I would be looking for is to work for someone who I know will do little for me at that point other than take advantage of my talents. Yeah, I can make money for them but I make a whole lot more money for myself at that point.

As far as the "scummy comment", obviously that's a little far fetched but we all know how financial services companies make their money...
What's wrong with shorting for the stars this is all theoretical anyway isn't it and really I won't have any problems with connections If I become a millionaire of a website I make alone in a basement?

Anyway as vanity said, once you enter a firm like that with millions clearly your not a beginner and do not need to clime the ladder up from the very bottom since you already earned your stripes on your own. You would enter at a managerial position not an analyst that's someones b*tch but yes I agree you could make money on your own at that point. Personally i would still work at a firm because, as my dad taught me, there is no shame and work and the experience you get as an investment banker at one of theses firms is second to none. Aka I would work at any of these firms because I love the field not for the money, that's just a perk with the job
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