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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
Very happy for you Please feel free to PM me your strategy .

It's definitely possible (there are always exceptions) it's just neither probable nor common especially when GS employs 35,000 people or MS employs 65,000. If I polled 95% of those employees, I doubt they would all tell me they made a million in college... I know if I did; I'd be staying away from corporations for miles.
Probably true statistics. But 95% of the people at GS have just jobs. I'm talking about the managers of the employees. This advice really is for not just "getting in" but getting a "career". Like I said above, get a career inside those big names, don't get a job. No one wants to be a desk employee working 9-5 under someone. I'm sure those fund managers all have really interesting stories about success in college, though. A lot of them started companies from scratch, most likely. It's not uncommon for economics or finance undergraduates to participate in programs that initiate entrepeneurial growth. They also have access to sponsorships and etc. You dont need your own money to make a million, but just getting the investments to get there is where most people start.

These are the guys who usually sit at the top of the class in the Ivy leagues across the nation. Thats where GS picks their interns from. That's all I'm saying, really.