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Puckmaster, how much and what's the mileage on yours? Yours is DCT, right? I prefer a basic proper manual gearbox.

Simma, warranty is NOT void for a US car driven in Canada. I checked. The so-called "free" maintentance is however. But for a 2008, there is very little left of either one anyway. As for the pricing, I am basing my info on the autotrader along with kijiji and craigslist ads. There doesn't seem to be any cars cheaper than that, except for a handfew of them (mostly sedans), with considerably more mileage. That's why it seems to me like a decent deal.

Vancouver M3, I know I can probably get it a bit cheaper from the US, but after import duties and shipping fees and the like, the savings will not be that much. Maybe 3k or so, not to mention the hassle of going through all the procedure of importing, and in addition buying a car that I haven't even seen except in a few pics which are possibly photoshopped and edited.

What do M drive button and iDrive do? If my knowledge is correct, M drive stores driver settings for throttle response, EDC, traction control, and steering power assistance. Do those setting revert to default everytime you restart the car? If not, then I can just set it and forget it. No need for the M button. As for the iDrive, what does it do? Can't you program all those performance settings without iDrive?

Re: oil change. Not sure how hands on BMW owners typically are, but I don't wanna be stereotyped like the average luxury german car owner. I won't be running to the stealership everytime i need to top off my windshield wiper fluid or forget to close the gas cap. I actually love spinning wrenches and getting my hands dirty. So I'll be doing almost all the maintenance myself. So I'm not too worried about labour. I'm a bit more worried about reliability (i.e. engine grenading itself or gearbox melting down, etc) but from my research the M3 seems to be very reliable and well built to high standards.

I'm actually surprised that there's oil out there at $20/litre. And here I thought Nissan was ripping us off with their $15/litre ester oil for the 370 z Pretty sure BMW's magical oil made of unicorn sweat is well worth it's value Anyway, regardless of its cost, i'll definitely change my oil a lot more often than bmw's crap maintenance schedule. Whatever car I get, M3 or something else, will be driven hard. In the winter, it'll do cold starts everyday from sub zero temperatures. And in the summer, it'll do several track days. So I don't care how much unicorn sweat BMW stuffed into their exotic oil, there's no way I'll believe it will last a whole year and 20000 km of driving or so.

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