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Originally Posted by Questforpower
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I'm not really for all this High GPA stuff. Show them your real-world talents OP. Become a self-made millionaire before you graduate and apply, showing these firms you got street smarts to play on Wallstreet. They want to see you know the markets, they want to know you can turn a profit eventually. Most internships are hired and purposely given hours just below what qualifies for full benefits. They're used as chew toys by Big firms to file paperwork at little-to-no-charge.

Show them you can make money. It's all any of them care about. It IS about who you know, but also more about what you can do (for them).
Are you saying this as a figure of speech or literally? lol

...because if I became a self-made millionaire in college; the last place that I'd be looking is to get hired by a scummy wall street company that wants to fully take advantage of my talents. At that point you don't need them.
I say it literally. If you really can't, in the length of college undergrad and a post-grad degree (4-6 years) make a million dollars on your own, you have no business reaching the high echelons in any firm as Titanic in nature as GS, MS, or etc. You don't go into Goldman Sachs looking to get a job as a algo-bot technician. You go in looking for a career. Im not saying you can't get hired otherwise, but if these guys are looking to make a successful career then they really ought to know that Goldman is a company that deals with Billions in revenue every year, with multiple connections to the banking sector in every single continent.

You can't make a million? You'll get hired, but you won't get a career. These guys really ought to be looking for more than just a job at these firms. If all you're getting is a job, get out and make it on your own, entrepreneurial style. Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven, right?

Besides, with talents like that and a position as a fund manager, the money really gets easy just collecting 2% performance fees from clients, especially if you manage in the 100+ million portfolio (rather small on Wallstreet, I'd say). I'd do that, especially with my talents so I can collect nice bonuses.