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Originally Posted by Hisam135i View Post
Not exactly it's nice to be a millionaire but would be better to be a billionaire and in that case you'll need some connects which you'll get at the "scummy wall street firms"
Billionaire? There is only 400 or so in the world...

I think you need to get out of the clouds and be a little more realistic. If you are a millionaire in college that is self made; you will never have issues with connects or frankly issues with anything (at that point you can be employing people if you play your cards right and have a proper mindset and as long as you are not an idiot). The last thing that I would be looking for is to work for someone who I know will do little for me at that point other than take advantage of my talents. Yeah, I can make money for them but I make a whole lot more money for myself at that point.

As far as the "scummy comment", obviously that's a little far fetched but we all know how financial services companies make their money...
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