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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Thanks for being the exact reason why most dealers don't allow people to test drive these types of cars. You're ruining it for people who can test drive a car like a mature adult.
When I purchased my e92 335, I test drove it in the same manner. I'm going to drive the car, and see if I actually enjoy it, before I purchase it. When I test drove the evo, my lease for my 335 was coming to an end, so I needed a car soon. I didn't drive it, 'just for fun,' I was looking to purchase it. After testing the evo's power, I came to a decision that the car is not worth it (for 40 something). In the end, after testing the evo, sti, and 370, I bought out my e92.

When you are test driving a fast car, you drive it fast. I greatly Disagree with you KingOfJericho. I also test drove an M3, and the sales person told me to drive it fast. So I can actually enjoy the test drive, if I do not enjoy the test drive, why would I buy the car?