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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I have both. For me, the Langka worked better. The dr colorchip is good for small chips but it will keep pulling the paint out of larger ones.

You can use the Langka just like dr c by smearing.

I got the dr colorchip because BMW had some us wide shortage of touch up paint awhile back.
I'm gonna bump this thread because I just got a nasty chip on the edge of my hood, just next to the fender (approx the size or or larger than a pencil eraser)
Like stated above, I used Dr. Colorchip and see how the solution not only cleans-up the smudge but also pulls the paint out of the chip.

I'm willing to give Langka a try but have some concerns.

1) IMO, every time I but BMW touch-up paint, it's too think to apply well. Would thinner work and if so, what thinner?

2) Langka, because it's formulated to work on touch-up paint, won't it also have an effect on the finish?
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