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Best Camber Plates, Thoughts?

I was hoping to get some opinions on camber plates for my E9x M3 and see what good options are out there. I've seen pics and reviews of the Ground Control plates and so far those are high up on my list. Actually for choices it doesn't seem that there are many others. I know the Dinans are non adjustable or fixed offset so those are out. I haven't heard to much or seen any pics of the vorshlag camber plates. The KW camber plates that I've seen that come with the KW setups look really well made but are they avaliable separately and do they work with other setups like Moton? Lastly in terms of design I really like the Turner Motorsports camber plates, specifically these,

But as far as I can tell they only make them for the E46 M3's. Does anyone know if they make them for the E9x M3's? I really like how they used a radial bearing to control the motion and load rather than a spherical ball. I'm not opposed to a spherical ball design just though the radial bearing design looks interesting from a managing load standpoint.

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