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Look, these people aren't all as bad as it seems in the video. You won't believe it, but its true. The kid that got ganged up on is in a group called the fobs. Anyways these two groups has always had their differences and always had beef.. a year ago they had messed with a guy in the video and almost went at it but then the cops came. This year they were planning to fight and it didn't happen again it was canceled. Near Halloween, 20 of the fobs had came and tried to attack 2 people, Wesley and Easley. They've been wanting to get back at them for a while now. And the kid that got ganged up on was the one in the video 6 against 1. Its not right for them to record it. Its not right to fight at all. But im just saying, to all the ignorant mother fuckers out there who only know one side of the story, shouldn't be posting peoples information out like that. -___________-. That just shows how pathetic you are, and how low you can be, just along with the people in the video for recording it.
why the 20 on 2 happened?

Alecks Huang What's the reasoning for the 20 vs 2? Apparaently, Wesley or Easly jumped Leos cousin. Sorry, they get what they deserve. Karma is a bitch slap in the face. Besides what are 15 - 17 year olds going around slapping each other around anyways? While they're out there risking their life for their 'friends' and their 'pride'

I've known these guys more years now, and the moment i saw the video I was in shock..