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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Sometimes, they have it on hand but won't admit it until they see your balance because they think you might be scoping out a heist. Bank of America had to "order" cash for me one time when I needed to take out $10K even after they saw my balance.
The banks knew me though. They claimed they could give me $5000 cash now and $15000 in 5 days. I ran over to BofA and they had it on hand and asked if I needed more. lol Its a large bank in San Diego and the Union Bank was a small branch and made sense but not what I wanted to hear at the time. lol

I see where you are coming from though. I agree. I would be skeptical too. $20,000 does not take up much room. I had it in my foul weather jacket rubber banded up. lol

This is $10,000 cash. See, its small...

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