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Originally Posted by ///My5UV View Post
Reminds me of a movie line:

How come you don't keep your money in the bank like normal people?

"Banks get robbed."

To the OP, this is so stupid I just have to call BS... There's no point in trying to hide the source of the cash, since when you buy a big ticket item with cash they're going to file paperwork saying you did it, so any party that is interested in your finances (divorce lawyers, bankruptcy court, and especially the IRS) is still going to have a subpoenable paper trail to prove you had that money once they notice you cruising around in a shiny new car. The fact that you withdrew it from the bank in several smaller transactions just means you put yourself through extra effort for no good reason.

If you thought a bunch of internet forum doofuses that can barely write English are going to have a fix for your problem, that's even dumber :-)
I are not a intrntz doofis

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Thickness feels good to me and my hands aren't that big.